Available courses

Blockchain and Virtual Currencies

This is an introduction course for everybody that wants to get a basic understanding of blockchain and virtual currencies

Smart Learning After party

This is the smart learning after party. We will discuss the 2 smart learning pilots that we have just concluded and come up with ideas for further improvement. 

Sanctions Foundations

This is the Sanctions Foundations Course from Acams for the ING Smart Learning Pilot.

AML Foundations Europe

This is the standard ACAMS AML Foundations course

AML Foundations

This is the standard ACAMS AML Foundations course

Pre-Training Test

This is a pre-training test for TM investigators.

KYC CDD Analyst

As an KYC Center CDD Analyst,you play a crucial role in preventing financial and economic crime that isharmful to ING. Within the team you are part of, you are responsible forconducting 'Know Your Customer' and Due Diligence checks among (potential)clients of ING in accordance with the FEC / CDD (Financial Economic Crime / CustomerDue Diligence) policy within ING Wholesale Bank .